10 Unique Uses for Cotton Swabs

We all use cotton swabs for our ears, but did you know that cotton swabs make great beauty tools as well? Thanks to their small size and inexpensive price, cotton buds are a must-have in every girl’s beauty routine.  Check out these 10 unique uses of cotton swabs:


  1. Fix your eye makeup. Dip a cotton swab into some makeup remover solution and use it to clean up the edges of your eye makeup.


  1. Line your Eyes.Dip the cotton swab in either gel eyeliner or eyeshadow and use the tip of the cotton bud to line your eyes.


  1. Reduce cakiness. Heavy foundation has the tendency to make your face look cakey. Apply a bit of moisturizer to a cotton swab and rub it on your face to smooth out the foundation.


  1. Keep a scent fresh. Because perfume scents can fade fast, use a cotton swab to keep it fresh. Dip the cotton swab in your favorite perfume and seal it in a zip lock bag. When ready to use, simply take it out of the plastic bag and apply it to your wrists and neck.


  1. Moisture your eye lashes. Just as we condition our hair it is important to moisturize our eye lashes. To condition your lashes, use your cotton swab to apply petroleum jelly or olive oil.


  1. Reduce under eye puffiness. Throw several water-drenched cotton swabs in a zip lock bag and place it in the fridge to cool. After a few hours, remove the cotton swabs from the fridge and roll them under the eyes to reduce puffiness.


  1. Smoke out your eye shadow. Use the cotton swab to smudge out your eye shadow to create an effortless smokey-eye.


  1. Maximize every makeup product. Use your cotton swab to scoop out every bit of makeup whether it is your foundation or your lip gloss.


  1. Mattify your Lips. Dab the cotton swab on your lips to create a softer look. The cotton swab will also absorb any shine and mattify your lips.


  1. Create your own mixture. Use your cotton swab to DIY your own makeup solutions. Use the cotton swab to mix two colors of your nail polish, or even to mix old eyeshadows to create a unique color. 


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