5 Apps You Need To Stay Organized

Our Busy Beauties are the busiest of them all, and it sometimes feels like we need a personal assistant to get through the day. Let these free apps be your own assistant so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Google Calendar

This app is a must-have because it hooks right up to a Gmail account and adds other people’s shared calendars straight to the app. Google Calendar says it lets you make the most of everyday, and also makes your life a little easier by adding maps and images as well. Set a reminder for an event and you’ll never be late.

If (This Then That)

The 4.5 star app hooks up to over 400 devices and truly does it all. It can hook up to other apps like Twitter, Instagram, Weather Underground, Gmail, and so much more. It can also connect with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. It uses something called applets, which takes a smaller software program and pairs it with a larger application program, as told by microservices.com.


Tripit lets you make all of your travel plans in one place, and does all the work for you so you don’t have to stress about a thing. You forward your confirmation emails, whether it’s for a hotel, car rental service, or even a restaurant. It then takes your emails to create an itinerary list, and you can access it from anywhere. The free membership allows you to add or edit plans, sync those travel plans with a calendar, and share them with others. For $49 a year, you can find out when a better seat on your flight is open, check out different flight options, and keep track of reward points.


Asana is the perfect app to keep in touch with your team about an upcoming project. Checking in with coworkers or creating a to-do list on the app will help you and your team make a deadline, and watch it happen right there in the app.


Don’t have cash on you? Not a problem. Venmo hooks up straight to your bank account so you can pay other people and don’t have to worry about where the closest ATM is. There’s also a request option, so if a friend owes you for that tab you picked up at the bar, you can request the desired amount and they can accept or deny. We promise, it’s a really safe app and won’t steal your money either.


  • Kennedy Saaristo

    Venmo and Google calendar run my life, I could not function without them. They help me with just about everything from splitting living costs with my roommates to planning out events and organizing class schedules!

  • Jenn

    I actually JUST had an interview where the woman asked if I used Asana! I don’t and i told her I personally use Google Apps to organize but I definitely want to look into Asana now that my internship boss mentioned it and I saw it here!

  • Claire Kondella

    I honestly didn’t know Google Calendar worked with Amazon Alexa because honestly I’m a mess and I need all of my apps and organizational tools to work together and I still probably won’t be good at keeping my stuff in line… but this definitely helps!

  • Lizzi

    Ugh wish I had heard of TripIt before my time spent abroad!! Venmo is THE app of the year tbh Girl Scouts now use it!

  • Molly

    I really need to try all of these (I already live on venmo) but i need to get my life in order somehow!

  • Katherine

    Tbh just got google calendar and it has made me less of a mess

  • Gabby

    Venmo is a LIFESAVER!!!

  • Amanda McHugh

    I used Asana at my last job and it was a great way for us all to stay organized and know what tasks had to be done next

  • Caroline L.

    Google calendar is my MUST HAVE. Literally have been saved so many times by their updates- and so easy to customize!

  • Rachel Lo

    I use venmo every time I go out for dinner or anything like that! It is absolutely the best idea ever. What a helpful article I will be sure to check out some of the other apps!

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