Essential Items For a Music Festival

Hi Busy Beauties! Are you going to a music festival soon? Here are a few essential items we recommend to bring with you so that you are comfortable and can have a rocking time!

Water bottle and snacks. Standing for long hours during a music festival will get you hungry, thirsty, and tired. Don’t forget to carry snacks like granola bars and a water bottle so you can refill water during. We personally love the Crystal Elixir Water Bottle from Free People.

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Cash. It is better to keep some cash on hand to purchase drinks and foods. Also ATM’s, typically, inside festival arenas charge a fee.

Shower Wipes. This is a must-have, especially, if you are camping out on festival grounds. It will be unlikely for you to have access to a real shower, so carry shower wipes with you. Pat down one of our Showerless Body Wipes to feel fresh and clean.

Clothing to Layer. Even if the day starts out super warm, chances are that temperatures will drop at night. Pack a light jacket to keep you warm or even shelter you from rain.  We love this Vegan Leather Hooded Jacket from Free People as the perfect layering piece.

Portable Charger. It is always safe to carry a portable charger with you so that your phone does not run out of battery during the festival.


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What about you? Comment below some of your favorite items to bring to a music festival.


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