Inflight Beauty Essentials


Hi Busy Beauties! As summer approaches and all of us get ready for some exciting travel trips, it is important that we master the ultimate inflight beauty routine. Traveling can not only be quite tiring, but the cold and recycled airplane air can dehydrate our skin. These are a few must have in-flight beauty products to ensure you look and feel your finest as you travel. Just make sure that whatever products you carry are small enough to pass through security :)


Face Masks: Because your skin can tend to get very dry on flight, it is vital to carry some sort of face mask with you. Face masks help to retain back the moisture to your face leaving it refreshed and cool. 

Lip Balm: Our lips can get especially dry on flight and that is why it is important to constantly hydrate them with a lip balm.  

Tinted Lip Colors: Tinted lip balms are the best to moisturize your lips, but also add some color to them. The best part is that they can double up as creamy blush as well.

 Rollerball Perfume: We always recommend to carry some type of perfume when traveling just so that your constantly smelling fresh. Rollerball perfumes are the best as they are travel friendly, cheap, and easy to apply.

Shower Wipes: This is a must-have, especially, for long-haul flights. Pat down one of our Showerless Body Wipes to feel fresh and clean.

Body Moisturizer:  To keep your hands and legs from getting too dry on the flight, carry a small bottle of lotion with you. Tip: Apply a layer of moisturizer for every four hours you’re flying.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! Let us know your inflight beauty essentials in the comments below!



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