Makeup Packing Tips

Are you traveling soon? Don’t have enough space for all your makeup items? We have some tips for you to minimize your travel makeup so that you save space and minimize any spills/leaks.  

 Make a List

Make a list of products that are essential for your trip. In this way, nothing is forgotten. One great tip we have is to also plan your makeup products around your outfits ensuring that you pack just what you need.

Use Versatile Products

To make sure that you don’t over pack, try and pack products that are multi-use. For example, try to bring a creamy blush that can even be doubled up as a lip stain.

Makeup Wipes Instead of Face Wash

Facial cleansing wipes are great at removing makeup and dirt. It is also easier to carry wipes around than dragging a bottle of face wash that could potentially leak.

Ziploc Bag It

We personally love ziploc bags for packing makeup. It does a great job in separating your makeup into different product categories like face, eyes, and lips. It also helps keep you organized during any trip.

Travel Bottles

Instead of carrying around bottles of foundations and creams, simply pour some of that product into travel-sized bottles. This is great tip for saving space in your luggage.

Wrap your Products

Wrap your makeup with your clothes to prevent any breakage or damage of products. A fleece or sweater is the perfect protective barrier for your travel beauty products.


Let us know some of your favorite makeup packing tips!



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