Sunscreen 101


Summer is here, and as much as we love being out in the sun, it is also important that we don't forget our sunscreen.  The problem is that all sunscreen is not created equal. Here we have some important tips for you to keep in mind when buying or using sunscreen. 

Understand SPF

The golden rule of sunscreen is to choose one based on the sun protection factor (SPF). SPF 30 blocks out about 97 percent of UV rays, while SPF 15 blocks out only 93 percent. Don’t be tempted to buy snscree with a higher SPF than 60. The FDA has called higher SPF values “inherently misleading,” 

 Look for "broad spectrum" on the label

 When purchasing a sunscreen, look for one that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.

Even darker skin tones need to cover up.

Don't use your skin tone as an excuse to skip the SPF. Everyone needs sunscreen to prevent any sunburn, skin aging, or potentially skin cancer

Apply sunscreen before heading out

Don’t apply the sunscreen when you are already out and about. Sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before going outside to allow it to bond with the skin.


After two hours, you must make sure to reapply your sunscreen as the lotion can rub off or fade.

Don’t forget the lips

Also, applying sunscreen to the lips shouldn't be forgotten. Try and find lip balms that contain SPF.


We hope you Busy Beauties enjoyed the article! 


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