Stop, Plot, Shop! My Strategies for Perfect Holiday Gifts

The holiday season is my favorite time of year! Nothing is more important to me than spending quality time with my family and of course getting to eat indulgent desserts from my mother. We all know that the holidays give everyone anxiety about finding the perfect gift for each person in the family, so today’s post is all about how to get inspired and create the perfect present!

Strategy #1. Bonding Activities! The best way for a meaningful gift is to think of an activity that you and the receiver of the gift have done together, and select a gift based from that activity. For my Grandmother, we always have coffee together at her house and we love to use her espresso machine from Holland, so I decided to buy artisanal espresso coffee for her. Another example is my mother, we go to the spa every holiday for pedicures, so I decided to get her an assortment of specialty nail polishes.

Strategy #2. Handmade is NOT Hard! Nothing says ‘I Love You” more than something you make by hand, and it’s an easy and inexpensive option! I love to stop by local craft stores in my area and browse around for inspiration, this year picture frames caught my eye. I bought several picture frames along with different decorating materials. For all my younger cousins I will put a frame, decorating materials, and our latest family photo in boxes for each of them to bring home and decorate themselves!

Strategy #3. Who doesn’t love Dessert? The answer is no one. I love to bake and everybody loves to eat, it’s a match made in heaven. Even if baking isn’t one of your strongest skills, put together an assortment platter of store bought desserts from a local bakery. This year, I put together store bought Christmas cupcakes, white chocolate bark, and peppermint truffles into a decorative boxes and wrapped it with a bow, I don’t think it took me more than an hour in total!

Strategy #4. LIXA! Yes, gave LIXA to all of my girlfriends! In the past, I would spend hundreds of dollars on perfumes, lotions, creams and shower gels from the mall; but it’s so unoriginal. LIXA is inexpensive, unique, and a great gift for anybody with body hair. I know they will all love it.

I hope these strategies help take away some of your holiday stress, contact me with any extra ideas and questions for giving the perfect gift!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Xoxo Jamie

LIXA: Water Free Shave Gel - Christmas Shopping

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