Hairstyles for the Holidays

Merry Christmas!!

Happy Holidays to everybody! Today’s post is all about how to look great for Christmas Day, with my favorite and most festive hair styles. The key to jazzing up your hair for holidays is with designs and accessories.  

Bows and Ribbons. For Christmas I like to have sweet and friendly hair with big soft curls or blown out ends, but I make it special with the use of bows and ribbons. I just use extra ribbons from my holidays wrapping and use it as a hair tie in a full pony tail or a half ponytail. The same concept can be applied to bows if you have larger ribbon lying around the house. Always tie your hair with a regular hair elastics before you add the ribbons, that way you can ensure it stays in all night!

Braids and Buns. When I have a lot of extra time and need to be looking especially festive, fancy updo’s are my favorite go-to. Try braiding your hair in a French or English braid that ties into chignon or a bun. If you have a more square shaped face use one single braid down the center of your hair, or if you have a rounder shaped face part your hair where you normally would and try one braid down each side of your hair. If you are wearing a upscale dress then be sure to pin the braid/s together into a bun at the nape of your neck or back of your head, for a more casual look simply leave your braids down.

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