LIXA Lets You Achieve on New Years Eve

Here comes the biggest party of the holiday season, New Year’s Eve!
Today's blog post is all about how you can use LIXA to keep yourself smooth this night!

#1. The little black dress. New Year's Eve is all about style and celebration. The style for most is the little black dress and sparkles or sequins to add an indulgent touch. With exposed legs, you need to be smooth all night long. The natural essentials oils in LIXA will keep you skin vibrant and moisturized with our long lasting formula.
#2. Oops I missed a spot. Nothing is worse than realizing you missed a spot while you are out and there is a big patch of hair staring at you. Keep LIXA in your purse for a quick shave in the car or where ever the night has taken you!
#3. Getting ready with a lot of girls and not a lot of space. My friends and I are always cramped into the bathroom showering, hair and makeup styling, and of course shaving! With LIXA I can shave in the bedroom where I'm not in danger of getting bumped and cutting myself.
#4. I am guilty of the spray tan. It's very important to exfoliate your skin before you use a spray-on tan or regular tanning. Shaving greatly exfoliates your skin because the razor will remove the hair and top layer of dry skin. Ergo, shave and exfoliate before you tan to ensure you keep your golden glow! I keep LIXA in my purse in case I forgot.

If you have any suggestions on how to use LIXA for New Year’s please email me at

Have a great night Thursday!
Xoxo Jamie


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